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President Obama appoints first transgender White House staff member


President Barack Obama has appointed the first openly transgender White House staff member, according to an announcement Tuesday.

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, a former policy adviser at the National Center for Transgender Equality, will serve as an outreach and recruitment director in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel.

Community leaders and advocates lauded the administration's decision and called Freedman-Gurspan a role model, praising her work to empower members of the LGBT community.

Missouri Trans Teen Voted Homecoming Queen By Her Classmates


Oak Park High School's 2015 homecoming court is breaking stereotypes and making history.

The senior class nominated its first transgender student for homecoming queen, and it was announced Saturday that she won the title.

Landon Patterson always dreamed of riding in the parade and joining the ranks of the high school tradition, but never thought classmates would look at her as a female.

T-Time With The Gurlz Season 3 Trailer


"T-time with the gurlz" is a youtube talk show with 3 transgender women with 1 guest from different walks of life who come together to discuss the recent trans issues. Tea is spilled & shade is dished as the gurlz discuss a variety of topics in the season 3 premiere ep.1 including how long after you start transistioning are you considered transgender.

Make sure you tune in and continue to support programming for us and by us!

Touching Video Captures Mom Surprising Her Trans Daughter With First Dose Of Hormones


A supportive mother surprised her transgender teen daughter with her first dose of hormone therapy - something she had been waiting two years for - in a moving video chronicling the life-changing moment.

Erica Maison, a mother-of-five from Detroit, Michigan, filmed 14-year-old Corey's heart-wrenching reaction to finding her estrogen prescription hidden behind a couch cushion after two-and-half years of waiting to begin hormone therapy before she stopped the camera to embrace her daughter.

Police: Philadelphia Trans Woman Kiesha Jenkins, Beaten Then Shot To Death By Group of Men


Philadelphia police have asked for the public's help in finding the men who attacked and killed a transgender woman early morning Tuesday.

Kiesha Jenkins, 22, of North Philadelphia, had been riding in a car that dropped her off at 13th and Wingohocking Streets around 2:30 a.m., said homicide Capt. James Clark.

Minutes after she got out of the car, Jenkins was set upon by five to six men who surrounded and beat her, Clark said. One of them pulled out a gun and shot her twice in the back, he added. She was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Maryland woman Zella Ziona 21st transgender person killed this year


A 21-year-old transgender woman was shot to death at a Maryland shopping center Thursday afternoon, according to police.

Zella Ziona was found in an alleyway near a Washington, D.C. parking lot with a gunshot wound to her head. She later died at a hospital, according to WJLA.

Trans Man Who Thought He Was Out of Shape Discovers He's Pregnant


A transgender man who had been taking testosterone jabs for years thought he was out of shape and needed to work out more, but it turned out he was pregnant.

Kayden Coleman, 29, who lives in Florida, had lived as a man for nearly a decade and was waiting for a double mastectomy when he notice he was putting on weight.

Now married to husband Elijah, he had been taking hormones for five years and never expected he would get pregnant.

But ahead of the mastectomy operation he had had to stop taking the injections.

Actress, Entertainer and Trans Icon The Lady Chablis Dead At 59


Shock waves ran through the LGBT community as word spread that one of our most beloved entertainers has passed. The Lady Chablis, the iconic nightclub performer best known for her turn in the 1997 film adaption of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, has died. She was 59.

Club One, the Savannah, Georgia, hot spot where Chablis famously performed, announced her death on Facebook, Thursday. A friend, Cale Hall, further confirmed to the Associated Press that Chablis was suffering from pneumonia, and had been hospitalized for the past month.

Trans activist Cheryl Courtney-Evans dies


Founder and CEO of Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth (TILTT, Inc.) Cheryl Courtney-Evans, 64 has died.

Official details about her death has yet to be released but according to a Facebook post Courtney-Evans made last Friday it seems that she was being treated for a health condition.

Courtney-Evans, named Grand Marshall of Atlanta Pride this year, had been fighting for transgender rights since an early age.

Black Trans Woman Jazz Alford Killed in Alabama, the 22nd Trans Person Killed This Year


Black trans woman and North Carolina native, Jazz Alford was found dead in her motel room in Birmingham, Alabama in late September with initial police and media reports misgendering her. She’s the 22nd trans person killed this year, which is quickly catching up to last year’s death toll of 23 reported deaths of trans people — the majority of which were Black trans women.


Alford’s sister Toya Milan, who is also transgender, told Alford was a loving person and “didn’t know anybody that would want to hurt her.”

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