Lil Duval Said He Would Kill A Woman If He Found Out She Was Trans

In a world where trans women, especially black trans women, ARE killed just for being trans, Lil Duval's comments are NOT ok. His comments start around the 6:00 minute mark. In 2016, advocates tracked at least 22 deaths of transgender people in the United States due to fatal violence, the most ever recorded. These victims were killed by acquaintances, partners and strangers, some of whom have been arrested and charged, while others have yet to be identified. Some of these cases involve clear anti-transgender bias.

Trans Escort Exposes Bobby Valentino After He Refuses To Pay For Her Services

Bobby better have my money! FAMEOLOUS has obtained an exclusive video of Bobby exiting a trans womans apartment. Apparently, he failed to pay for his service and the trans woman decided to expose him and put him out of the apartment.

Bobby was in such a rush that he left the place without his shoes or his keys, to which the escort said:

“If you want it back bring me some money, call me back so I can tell you the price:”

Trans Actress Sidney Starr Set To Appear On Season 2 of "Star" on Fox

Congrats are in order for Sidney Star as she's headed to the small screen and will appear on Season 2 of Fox's hit show Star. The show headed by Lee Daniels is home to another trans star Amiyah Scott who was a reoccurring character in season one. Sidney took to Facebook to announce the good news.

The Haters said I couldn't do it! Me on set! Stay tuned everyone ! I got a big surprise for you ! Everyone Meet "DALLAS" Sidney Starr is coming back to your tv screens!!! The Hit tv show STAR season 2 on FOX right after Empire! September 27th! Don't miss it!

Maryland Man Convicted Of Killing Transwoman Who "Acted Flamboyantly In Front Of His Friends"

ROCKVILLE, Md. - A 22-year-old gang member was convicted Tuesday for the 2015 shooting death of a transgender woman in Gaithersburg.

Rico LeBlond was convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of 21-year-old Zella Ziona after she was shot in a service alley at the Montgomery Village shopping center nearby Lakeforest Mall.

Investigators did not try the case as a hate crime. They say LeBlond and Ziona had known each other since they were kids and may have had an intimidate relationship. Months before the murder, Ziona transitioned from a male to a female.

Donald Trump Announces Military Ban On Transgender People

President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that “transgender individuals” should not be allowed to serve in “any capacity” in the US military.

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow​ …,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming …​”​

Report: Trans Woman Eyricka King Subjected to Verbal, Physical and Sexual Abuse By Inmates and Guards

The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is calling on the New York State Department of Corrections to address the abuse towards Eyricka King, a transgender inmate.

King, who is being held at the Franklin Correctional Facility in Malone, New York, has reportedly been subjected to verbal, physical, and sexual abuse by both inmates and guards. She is also being denied proper medical treatment and was being held in solitary confinement.

Janet Mock Says She Has No Plans To Defend Caitlyn Jenner

The best-selling author and acclaimed journalist breaks down why the trans community is not standing behind Caitlyn. Caitlyn Jenner is not a spokeswoman for transgender people, Janet Mock made clear in an interview on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, Chelsea.

Actor Brian Michael Smith of Queen Sugar Comes Out As Trans

Ava DuVernay’s show "Queen Sugar" has been critically acclaimed as one of the best dramas on TV. She brings complex characters and nuanced stories to all her projects and is willing to push us to think bigger about the diversity of the black experience in America.

Trans Couple Pause Transition To Become Parents

For couple Liam Johnson, 20, and Racquelle Trammell, 30, their biological daughter’s first birthday is a celebration they thought they might never experience.

After meeting through a mutual friend in 2011, the couple started dating and quickly realised their relationship was serious. Although they both wanted to have a family, it was a tough decision to halt their transitioning in order to have a baby.

Liam identifies as a man but he is still able to get pregnant and give birth naturally. Racquelle had to stop taking oestrogen to ensure her sperm could fertilise an egg.

Trans man posts inspiring image marking one year on testosterone

Many transgender people find support and comfort from those who have already embarked on their trans journey.
One trans man inspiring people around the globe is Dallas, Texas-based Kristian Starla.

A barber by trade, he this week posted the latest in a series of inspiring images to Instagram. This one documented some of the changes his body has undergone since he began taking testosterone supplements one year ago.

He tells GSN he began his transition journey in March 2016, after staring research back in 2014.