Lil Duval Responds To Anti Trans Comments As Activists Call A Boycott of the Breakfast Club


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ViaThatGrapeJuice: People weren’t exactly laughing when funnyman Lil Duval took to The Breakfast Club recently to suggest he “would murder” a transwoman if she ever tricked him into having sex.

A quote lifted in a week where tension around the topic was already particularly high considering President Donald Trump’s instatement of a U.S. military ban on transgender people and singer Bobby Valentino being exposed for an alleged sexual affair with a transgender prostitute, needless to say Duval’s comments weren’t taken lightly.

In fact, the ongoing fire got so hot, Twitter users were calling for a boycott of the comedian’s work as well as the platform, Breakfast Club (Power 105.1), where the statement was made. Opening a fiery discussion on the social network.

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