Candace Downs: The 25 Trans Woman Killed In America In The Deadliest Year For Transwwomen


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Candace Towns, a 30-year-old trans woman from Georgia, was found dead on 31 October. Towns has become the 25th transgender person murdered in the United States this year.

Towns had reportedly been missing since Saturday, 28 October. Three days later, she was found by police after having been shot to death on a driveway in Macon, Georgia.

Police are investigating Towns’ death as a homicide. A $2,000 reward is being offered to anyone who has information on the person responsible for her death.

According to a Bibb County sheriff deputy’s report, Towns was shot on the left side of her face. A shell casing was found between her legs.

Though police could not identify when exactly Towns died, she was last seen alive around dawn on 29 October. She was staying at the Rodeway Inn, about six miles away from where her body was found.

A surveillance video at the hotel captured Towns getting into a gold-colored Sedan around 2:30am.

According to Towns’ friends, she had plans to go to the Crazy Bull bar the night of 28 October.

‘She wanted me to come link up with her, but I didn’t ever come out. I wish I would have,’ said Malaysa Monroe, Towns’ good friend.

Back in 2009, Towns was shot in the ankle just a few blocks away from where her body would eventually be found. No one was charged in that assault.

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