Actually Althea Garrison Was The First Transwoman Elected To State Legislature

Nov. 7, 2017, was a staggeringly good election day for Democrats, and among the progressive victorious is transgender woman Danica Roem, who beat out incumbent Virginia House of Delegates Republican Robert G. Marshall, author of the infamous anti-transgender "bathroom bill." Roem's victory marks the first time an openly trans person has been elected as a state legislator — however, she won't be the first trans legislator to serve. That landmark achievement belongs to a Black woman: Althea Garrison, who served as a state legislator Massachusetts from 1993-1995.

Trans Man Elected to the Minneapolis City Council

A second transgender candidate has won a spot on the Minneapolis City Council.

Phillipe Cunningham narrowly won a northwestern Minneapolis ward by defeating longtime incumbent and council president Barb Johnson. His victory wasn’t announced until Wednesday afternoon, due to the instant-runoff voting system Minneapolis uses.

Cunningham is a 29-year-old transgender man. His victory follows one by Andrea Jenkins, a transgender woman who easily won a seat on the City Council Tuesday night.

Andrea Jenkins Becomes First Trans Woman Of Color Elected To Office In US

Andrea Jenkins has just made history becoming the first trans woman of color in the United States to be elected to public office.

Jenkins won her race in the Eighth Ward of the Minneapolis City Council elections. She ran on a platform of raising the minimum wage and making housing affordable.

‘As an African American trans-identified woman, I know firsthand the feeling of being marginalized, left out, thrown under the bus,’ Jenkins said in her winning speech.

‘Those days are over. We don’t just want a seat at the table, we want to set the table.’

America's First Openly Transgender State Legislator Elected In Virginia

Virginia House of Delegates candidate Danica Roem (D) has defeated longtime Del. Robert Marshall (R), becoming Virginia's first openly transgender elected official and one of just few in the nation, according to The Washington Post.

Roem's win in Virginia's 13th District marks the first election of an openly transgender person in a state legislature. Before venturing into politics, Roem was a reporter for the Gainesville Times and the Prince William Times.

Candace Downs: The 25 Trans Woman Killed In America In The Deadliest Year For Transwwomen

Candace Towns, a 30-year-old trans woman from Georgia, was found dead on 31 October. Towns has become the 25th transgender person murdered in the United States this year.

Towns had reportedly been missing since Saturday, 28 October. Three days later, she was found by police after having been shot to death on a driveway in Macon, Georgia.

Police are investigating Towns’ death as a homicide. A $2,000 reward is being offered to anyone who has information on the person responsible for her death.

Laverne Cox "Men Who Are Ashamed Of Dating Trans Women Are Insecure As F*CK"

Laverne Cox, the trans actress best known for her role on Orange Is The New Black, spoke to Attitude Magazine about her dating life.

‘I still meet men. I’m on apps. I think you have to be on apps to be in the game, so I do it that way. I think a lot of guys are intimidated by me, but guys were intimidated by me before I was famous,’ Cox revealed.

Yet, she has no time for men who are ashamed of dating a trans woman.

Federal Judge Blocks Trumps Military Trans Ban

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Monday barred President Donald Trump's administration from proceeding with plans to exclude transgender people from military service.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled that the transgender service members who had sued over Trump's policy were likely to win their lawsuit. She directed a return to the situation that existed before Trump announced his new policy this summer, saying the administration had provided no solid evidence for why a ban should be implemented.

Ryan Murphy's New Series "Pose" Will Feature The Largest Group Of Trans Actors Ever

Ryan Murphy’s latest project is already making history, and it hasn’t even started filming yet. According to a press release from FX, his upcoming series Pose has cast the largest number of transgender actors in a TV series.

Trans Woman Tortured and Beheaded In Pakistan

The body of a transgender woman was found in Pakistan over the weekend, marking the latest in a string of attacks against trans people in the Muslim-majority country.

Authorities have been unable to identify the corpse, which was three days old and showed signs of having been tortured, despite the collection of fingerprints and DNA samples.

There are more than 10,400 transgender people living in Pakistan, according to census data from August, and the marginalized group has both made progress and been under attack in the conservative country in recent years.

Ines Rau Becomes First Trans Playboy Playmate

(CNN)The late Hugh Hefner broke ground with Playboy, and now the first issue of the magazine since his recent death is doing the same.

The November/December issue features the men magazine's first openly transgender Playmate.

French model Ines Rau appears in a spread and the centerfold.

It's her second appearance in the publication. Rau was featured in a special section of the May 2014 issue where she was photographed fully nude by Ryan McGinley for a spread titled "Evolution."